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Features of an Eric Visser Home

We Build Homes for You!
We take pride in what we do. We focus on more than just building houses... we build relationships that help sustain a network of qualified professionals. Our team is dedicated to strengthening the community through loyal, honest, and skilled craftsmanship. Dreams become goals. Clients become friends.
Energy Efficiency
Building efficient homes is one of the most important things we can do as a community. It's our responsibility to utilize the advances in building science over the last 20 years and incorporate them into every house. This is what drives Visser Construction.
Visser Constructions goal is to provide clean, modern, affordable homes that are super-efficient and really easy to maintain. Specializing in high end interior finishes and ultra modern, interior concrete work with in-floor radiant heat.
Project Management
If you have an idea Visser Construction can help bring it to life. You rest while we handle the stress.We oversee your project from start to finish and we don't rest until it's complete. We deliver satisfaction.

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